Thoughtful detail for Thanksgiving guests

Thanksgiving Christmas tree ornament favors

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions for my family and friends is giving each person at the table a Christmas tree ornament. I search for ornaments that commemorate special events that happened during the year or that evoke a special memory.

Over the years I’ve given diplomas for graduations, Eiffel Towers and Big Bens for special family trips, tiaras for best friends, and a pink camelia for my mom- just like the ones that grew in the front yard of my childhood home.

Not only are they thoughtful gifts, but these little ornaments spark lots of conversations around the Thanksgiving table, reminding us of all the fun we’ve had throughout the year, and all the things we have to be thankful for.

In the picture below, you’ll see my son’s 2014 ornament. He’d just joined the school orchestra and was about to perform in his first concert. He loved putting his bass on the tree the day after Thanksgiving, and he’ll have that special memory for years to come when he places it on his own Christmas tree.


Orchestra Christmas tree ornament


As for the presentation, ornaments look lovely looped around the napkin at each place setting. It’s a fun way to let people guess where they’re seated instead of using place cards. Otherwise, a festive box will look lovely. Everyone at the table can take turns opening their ornaments and sharing their memories.


Wrapped Christmas tree ornament


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!