The Artisan Sugars 2016 Wedding Collection

Artisan Sugars 2016 Wedding Collection

Denise Cook, Artisan Sugars 2015 Wedding ColllectionOur 2016 Wedding Collection is all about your personal style down to the details. Just as you select your color palette, linens, chairs, and centerpieces, choose the Artisan Sugars flavor and color combination that reflects your wedding style.

Exquisite, unexpected details are remembered and talked about for weeks after the event. The perfect signature touch for your special day, these beautiful wedding coffee and tea sugars will surprise and delight your guests. Choose from themed Sugar Shapes, dramatic Sugar Towers, elegant Sugar Charms, and memorable Toasting Sugars – all available in Pantone color-matched hues to coordinate beautifully with your palette.

I hope you enjoy browsing the 2016 collection. We look forward to creating the perfect wedding sugars for your perfect day.

Wishing you every happiness,

Denise Cook

Founder, Artisan Sugars

Artisan Sugars Wedding Pantone Colors

The 2016 Wedding Collection includes sugars inspired by the Pantone Spring color report. If you’re planning a wedding with a Pantone palette, these luxury sugars will coordinate beautifully, and be the perfect finishing detail at your reception.

Featuring Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) and Serenity (Pantone 15 3919) the collection includes romantic Sugar Shapes, Sugar Charms and Sugar Towers, Have another color in your wedding palette? We color-match to ensure the perfect shade for your sugars.

Artisan Sugars Pantone Rose Quartz

Pantone Rose Quartz Heart Sugar Shapes in bowl

Pantone Serenity Heart Sugar Charms on cup

Artisan Sugars Pantone Serenity

To view the entire collection of in-stock Pantone color-matched sugars, click here.

Artisan Sugars Wedding Sugar Towers

A gorgeous Sugar Tower artfully placed on your coffee and tea station will delight your guests. Serve our signature sugars, or customize your Sugar Tower with elegantly stacked sugars in your wedding colors.

Select from a collection of natural flavor infusions and chic designs to add an unexpected element of style and luxury to your reception.

The Sugar Tower, by Artisan Sugars

Rose Quartz Rounds Sugar Tower Refill with cup

Pantone Serenity Rounds Sugar Tower Refill with cup

Lavender Vanilla Sugar Tower Refill

To view the entire collection of Sugar Towers, click here.

Artisan Sugars Wedding Toasting Sugars

Turn your Champagne, Prosecco, or sparkling wine into a signature cocktail for memorable wedding toasts.

Toasting Sugars hang elegantly from the rim of your flute or coupe. Drop into your Champagne or sparkling wine to increase effervescence, and add signature flavor.

White Heart Toasting Sugars

Champagne Cocktail Wing Toasting Sugars

Champagne Cocktail Heart Toasting Sugars

Toasting Sugars

To view the entire collection of Toasting Sugars, click here.

Artisan Sugars Wedding Sugar Shapes

From wedding bells to calla lilies, our selection of Wedding Sugar Shapes will surprise and charm your guests.

Choose from sugars in classic white, current Pantone colors, and other wedding hues.

White Dove Wedding Sugar Shapes in bowl

Calla Lily Sugar Shapes for Coffee and Tea

Chuppah Bride and Groom Sugar Shapes in bowl

Artisan Sugars Heart Sugar Shapes for Coffee and Tea

Monogram Script Letter Sugar Shapes for Coffee and Tea

Bride and Groom Sugar Shapes in bowl

Heart Raw Sugar Shapes in bowl

White Wedding Bell Sugar Shapes in bowl

To view the entire collection of Wedding Sugar Shapes, click here.

Artisan Sugars Wedding Sugar Charms

Add a luxe touch to your reception with Heart Sugar Charms resting on the rim of every cup.

This unexpected detail will delight your guests and leave a lasting impression.

Red Heart Sugar Charms

Milk Chocolate Sugar Charms for coffee and tea

Pantone Rose Quartz Sugar Charms on cup

White Heart Sugar Notches for coffee and tea

To view the entire collection of Sugar Charms, click here.

If you’d like custom, luxury sugars for your wedding, please visit our Contact page to get in touch. We look forward to creating your perfect, signature sugars for your special day.

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