Peppermint Sugar Charms

Peppermint Sugar Charms


Peppermint Infused Sugar Charms for Coffee and Tea

Bold and crisp peppermint flavor for your iced or hot coffee and tea, with an elegant presentation.



Enjoy bold, refreshing peppermint in your coffee or tea to add an extra kick of flavor. Peppermint Sugar Charms are a fabulous addition to hot chocolate, too!

Designed to rest elegantly on the rim of your cup, these hand-made, artisanal sugars add style and luxury to your table. Sugar Charms are jewelry for your coffee and tea!

They make the perfect hostess gift or finishing detail for your event or gathering.

Serve with hot and iced beverages.

– Flavor infusion: natural peppermint
– Color: white
– Shape: circle
– Gluten-free
– Handmade in the USA


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Peppermint Sugar Charms - perfect for winter party