Perfect Pairing: The Grand Soho, made with Talbott Teas Soho Earl and Artisan Sugars Grand Marnier Sugar Shapes

Talbott Teas Soho Earl + Artisan Sugars Grand Marnier = The Grand Soho

Today we’re revealing one of our favorite tea and sugar pairings. It’s the perfect 3pm pick-me-up, and features a couture tea made by our friends at Talbott Teas.

Soho Earl is a rich and complex Earl Grey tea with lovely citrus notes. Peppered with organic cornflower petals and packaged in a delicate sachet, Talbott Teas Soho Earl is a luxurious treat – and always on hand in the Artisan Sugars break room.

To add a little sweetness and complement the tea’s bergamot essence, drop in one Artisan Sugars Grand Marnier Fleur-de-Lis Sugar Shape. The subtle vanilla notes of the aged cognac complement the fragrance of orange blossoms in these aromatic, luscious sugars.

Voila! The Grand Soho. A pairing of modern, couture tea with one of the most iconic blended spirits of France.

We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

You can purchase Talbott Teas Soho Earl here. And Artisan Sugars Grand Marnier Fleur-de-Lis Sugar Shapes on our website.