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Design & Packaging System

Artisan Sugars Design Sketch


Artisan Sugars Design Technique + Packaging System

Created by Denise Cook, an artisan and software engineer, the Artisan Sugars Design Technique + Packaging System describes the unique approach and process each sugar goes through during the development, testing, production and packaging phases to ensure each and every hand made sugar has the right texture, flavor, consistency, and strength.

Artisan Sugars Natural Ingredients


Artisanal describes something handcrafted in small batches. Ingredients are painstakingly researched and procured, and the final product reflects the passion, expertise, and attention to detail of its creator.

Pure cane sugar is the base for all Artisan Sugars creations. Natural ingredient infusions add all the nuances and complexities of pure, fresh flavor without the bitter aftertaste and chemicals of artificial additives.

Every custom created recipe is unique to each mold, shape and infusion to ensure the highest possible level of quality and customer delight.



Testing Sugars





From room temperature to accurate pantone color match, every aspect of the testing process is unique for each recipe to ensure quality standards are met.

Adjustments are made to ensure each sugar is the right texture and consistency to properly dissolve in both hot and cold drinks, and flavor is perfected for each custom infusion.





Artisan Sugars Kitchen





While hand made for quality and a luxury customer experience, the sugars are created in a state-of-the-art kitchen lab ensuring operational efficiency to fulfill orders of one to thousands. The unique blend of handcrafted attention to detail and modern processes ensures quality and consistency time and time again.





Artisan Sugars Packaging

Packaging System

The meticulous development, testing and production processes don’t apply to the Sugars exclusively. Denise created a packaging system to make sure the sugars withstand shipping in various environments and temperatures.

Applying an engineer’s mindset, “I make things work,” Denise set out to create unique packaging materials and custom foam inserts, applying drop and vibration testing to ensure the sugars would ship flawlessly without compromising the integrity of each sugar.





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