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Denise Cook, Artisan Sugars Founder

Denise Cook, Artisan Sugars Founder

A Modern Take on the Sugar Cube

A software engineer brings artisan style and a taste of Paris-chic stateside.

Inspired by the distinctly chic, wrapped sugar cubes served in Parisian Cafes, Denise Cook, a then software engineer working abroad became fascinated with the exquisite detail of the stylish wrapped sugar cubes she was served daily with her Cafe Americain. They were the perfect blend of both modern form and function she explains –

“I fell in love with the balance of both glamour and modern design that these cubes represented.”

Taking a handful of her favorite exquisitely wrapped sugar designs home she immediately thought, 

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could make the everyday ritual of sharing coffee and tea with friends that much more special?” 

And in that moment Artisan Sugars was born.

Wrapped Sugar Cubes

Hazelnut Sugars



With a scientific and methodical approach, Denise perfected the Artisan Sugars Design Technique and introduced a whole New Look for Sugars that pairs modern form with artistic execution.

With a nod to one of the most iconic designers of our time, Christian Dior, she references his revolutionary vision that combined ultra-femininity with modern lines in the world of post war fashion.





At the heart of Artisan Sugars lives a love of entertaining, making friends and family feel welcome with style and grace.

It’s this touch of southern hospitality and a warm smile that makes the ordinary feel extraordinary.


“My grandmother and aunt taught me how to entertain.

It wasn’t about an over the top grand gesture ~ it was adding small exquisite details like fresh flowers and using your best dishes to let your guests know they were worth making a little fuss over.”

                                   -Denise Cook, Artisan Sugars Founder




Denise Cook, Artisan Sugars Founder