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About the Company

So Much More than a Gourmet Sugar Cube

Artisan Sugars creates flavor-infused, sculpted sugars for coffee, tea, and cocktails. Perfect for stylish entertaining and gifting, each handmade, gourmet sugar is an edible work of art designed to surprise and delight.

Our sugars are as delicious and aromatic as they are beautiful, and are the unexpected, exquisite detail your guests will be talking about for weeks after your next gathering or event.

Served and enjoyed across the globe in modern coffee & tea houses, upscale restaurants, luxury hotel ballrooms, and stylish home tables, our gourmet sugar cubes are fabulous for special occasions and everyday indulgence.

Artisan Sugars - gourmet sugar cubes Rosewater Rose Sugars



Artisan Sugars Brand Manifesto - written on a linen napkin


Denise Cook, Founder

A software engineer brings artisan style and a taste of Paris-chic stateside.

Inspired by the sugars served in Parisian cafés, Denise Cook, an American software engineer working abroad became fascinated with the exquisite detail of the stylish wrapped sugar cubes she was served daily with her café au lait.

Choosing a handful of her favorite wrapped sugars to take home, she immediately thought,

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could make the everyday ritual of sharing coffee and tea with friends that much more special?”

And in that moment, Artisan Sugars was born.

On the long flight home from Paris, Denise began dreaming up ways to take sugars beyond just being pretty. The idea of infusing them with flavors was so exciting that she began creating recipes before she even finished unpacking.

Meticulously crafting her own artisanal flavor blends and designing unique, custom molds, Denise soon created her modern take on the traditional sugar cube, and launched Artisan Sugars.

“Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do. I love taking something traditional and putting a modern twist on it.” ~ Denise Cook, Artisan Sugars founder

Paris Cafe Wrapped Sugar Cubes - Artisan Sugars

Artisan Sugars in the Press

Here are a few of the fabulous magazines, televisions shows, and blogs that have featured our sugars. Visit our Press Page to see a complete list of our press mentions. 

Our Creation Process

Would you like to learn how we design, create, and package your sugars? Visit our Design Technique + Packaging System page.


Artisan Sugars Creation Process

Giving Back

 Founded by a proud girly-girl who went from software engineer to tech leader to entrepreneur, Artisan Sugars is dedicated to helping girls become leaders.


We celebrate and support girls who love their pink tutus, and want to grow up to be engineers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senators.


When you purchase our sugars, you help us donate to and partner with non-profit groups who empower girls here in the US and across the globe. You’re awesome.