About the Company

About Artisan Sugars

  Artisanal (ar – ti- san-al); adjective: a high quality or distinctive product made in small quantities; usually by hand.

Artisan Sugars creates flavor-infused, uniquely stylish sugars for coffee, tea, and cocktails. Each handmade, gourmet sugar is an edible work of art created to entice all of your senses. Made with the finest artisanal ingredients, Artisan Sugars are as delicious and aromatic as they are beautiful.

Served and enjoyed in modern coffee & tea houses, upscale restaurants, luxury hotel ballrooms, and stylish home tables, our gourmet sugar cubes are perfect for special occasions and everyday indulgence.



“Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do. I love taking something traditional and putting a modern twist on it.”

                                                         ~ Denise Cook, Artisan Sugars founder      

Denise Cook, Artisan Sugars Founder

Artisan Sugars - Luxury Expression

 Artisan Sugars is a luxury expression to guests, family, and friends to show them they’re worth making a fuss over. A perfect way for a stylish host to reflect personal, signature style.

Artisan Sugars - A chic, modern detail

Artisan Sugars is a distinctly chic and perceptively modern gift for those who appreciate stylish details, have refined taste, and want to be called the perfect gift giver.

Artisan Sugars - Artisanal Detail

Artisan Sugars represents extraordinary moments when the ordinary becomes extraordinary, is surprisingly pleasing, unexpectedly special, and talked about for weeks after the event.

Artisan Sugars - Extraordinary Moments

Artisan Sugars is artisanal detail, blending hand made creations with innovative production processes and a delivery system that is as proprietary as the end product.

Artisan Sugars gives back to help people, animals, and our beautiful planet through the Gifts That Give Back program.

White Polar Bear Sugar Shapes - Gifts that Give Back

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