Artisan Sugars creates flavor-infused, uniquely stylish sugars for coffee, tea, and cocktails. So much more than gourmet sugar cubes, each of our handmade, luxury sugars is an edible work of art created to entice all of your senses. Made with the finest ingredients, Artisan Sugars are as delicious and aromatic as they are beautiful.

Served and enjoyed in modern coffee & tea houses, upscale restaurants, luxury hotel ballrooms, and stylish home tables, our artisanal sugars are perfect for special occasions and everyday indulgence.

Sugar Towers & Refills

Sugar Towers & Refills - The Sugar Tower is a stunning presentation for serving modern, artisanal coffee and tea sugars. They are a gorgeous alternative to sugar cubes. Serve for afternoon tea instead of fancy decorated sugar cubes. These flavored sugars are so much more than gourmet sugar cubes. Sugar Towers are the perfect gift for coffee and tea lovers.

A stunning presentation for serving modern, artisanal coffee and tea sugars. Customize your Sugar Tower with refill sugars in your own signature colors, shapes, and flavor infusions.  Shop now

Sugar Shapes

Artisan Sugars Sugar ShapesSweeten your coffee and tea with our luxurious, artisanal Sugar Shapes. Choose from a selection of natural flavor infusions and chic designs to add signature flavor and style to your cup.  Shop now

Sugar Charms

Artisan Sugars Sugar Charms - gourmet sugar cubesSugar Charms rest elegantly on the rim of your cup or glass like jewelry for your coffee & tea. Choose from our exquisite selection of luscious flavor infusions and gorgeous colors. Shop now

Toasting Sugars

Artisan Sugars Toasting Sugars Toasting Sugars turn your Champagne, prosecco, or sparkling wine into a signature cocktail for memorable celebration toasts. Shop now

Gift Sets

Tea Lovers Gift Set - perfect gift for tea loversFrom sweet hostess gifts to luxe collections, shop our gorgeous selection of gifts for coffee, tea, and cocktail lovers. Shop now

Sugar Finder

Find your signature Artisan Sugars with our Sugar Finder. Click on a filter button, then choose from the options that appear beneath the selected filter.

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