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Go ahead. Feel a little fancy.Go ahead. Feel a little fancy.
Irish Cream Sugar shapes for coffee and tea - irish cream flavored sugar cubes


A modern take on the sugar cube

Pink Jasmine Sugar Shapes with Tea - jasmine flavored sugar cubes for afternoon tea, and the perfect gift for any tea lover.


Elevate afternoon tea

Custom monogram sugar cube - custom sugar cubes for every occasion.

It's all in


the details.

Lavender Latte - Lavender Vanilla Sugar Charms

Gifts that delight


Artisan Sugars Sugar Tower in gold and white. Stunning custom sugars for a wedding coffee service.

your special day

Luxury sugars for


Toasting Sugars by Artisan Sugars - Drop a Toasting sugar into your Champagne, Prosecco, or sparkling wine for create a signature champagne cocktail
Artisan Sugars Sugar Charms - gourmet sugar cubes that rest on the rim of your cup like jewelry for your coffee and tea.
The Sugar Tower is a stunning presentation for serving modern, luxury coffee and tea sugars.
Artisan Sugars Sugar Shapes - gourmet flavored sugar cubes for coffee and tea
Botanical Sugar Cubes - gourmet sugar cubes flavored with organic botanicals and natural flavors

Artisan Sugars creates flavor-infused, uniquely stylish sugars for coffee, tea, and cocktails. So much more than gourmet sugar cubes, each of our handmade, luxury sugars is an edible work of art created to entice all of your senses. Made with the finest ingredients, Artisan Sugars are as delicious and aromatic as they are beautiful. Go ahead! Be a little fancy.

Served and enjoyed in modern coffee & tea houses, upscale restaurants, luxury hotel ballrooms, and stylish home tables, our artisanal sugars are perfect for special occasions and everyday indulgence.